It is that time again--- we are putting together another zine and we want YOUR art!! Send us pieces of all mediums: poetry, photography, collage, illustrations, video, playlists, mugshots, etc. etc. Peep the promo fliers and read a little more about this issue's themes below. Email all submissions to by Feb 1, 2018!!!! 


Sample Prompts:

No Jail For a Sinner, No Heaven for a Cop

Free Leonard Peltier, Mumia and all Political Prisoners!

Those Five-Finger Discounts

'Back Through the System with the Riffraff Again'

My Cousin Gets Out in the Spring!

Prayers and Thanks to Santa Muerte, Patron Saint of Sinners


This issue of the zine is for womxn who find their spiritual laws at odds with those of man; For those that dress up for court dates or who've ever said goodbye to an incarcerated parent or loved one. This is for those who pray for protection from the law and do whatever they want, for those who steal when they have to, and those who have permanently lost someone to the system or the hu$tle. For anyone that has previously been persecuted for weed...or if you've never been caught...We wanna know, is hustling in your blood? Would you do it again (are you still at it?)??? Did you ever think it was all over, but somehow you escaped? Is your passion illegal? WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!  

xo Women.Weed.WiFi ladies