Swisher Sessions: Episode 6 Original Mango Mix by T.Wan

T.Wan (Tiffany Wan) is a DJ and member of TUF, a collective of femme/non-binary/trans artists based in Seattle.

"Inspired by the onset of spring and the arrival of longer days, I made a mix of some of my favorite feel-good tracks that have been helping me beat the gloominess of 2017 thus far. My favorite mixes are those that combine familiar songs with lesser known gems, and I tried to capture that with my track selection. Can't wait for that feeling when summer's just around the corner ;)" ~ T.Wan


Track List

Gwen Guthrie - "Seventh Heaven"

Grace Jones - "Pull Up to the Bumper"

Melba Moore - "Mind Up Tonight"

Atlantic Starr - "Freak-a-Ristic"

Thelma Houston - "You Used to Hold Me So Tight"

Unlimited Touch - "Reach Out (Everlasting Lover)"

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam With Full Force - "I Wonder If I Take You Home"

Micky Oliver  feat. Shanna Jae - "Never Let Go (A Ralphi Rosario Mix)"

Liz Torres feat. Master C & J - "Can't Get Enough"

Seidah Garrett - "Do You Want It Right Now"