Zine 005 Announcement: Calling the International Girl Gang

It’s that time of year again, babes! Time to prep your submissions for the fifth edition of our zine! As always we accept all mediums for submissions ~ email your best stuff to high@womenweedwifi.com by March 3. See below for inspirational fliers and a little about this issue’s theme. Please email us with any questions or clarifications regarding submissions… happy creating!


Calling the International Girl Gang! This issue is for any womxn/femmes of color who grew up watching their parents send money via Western Union to family in the homeland and making long distance calls with international calling cards. For girls who switch between codes and languages, girls who message their family on WhatsApp. Girls who were told they had difficult names to pronounce. Girls who collect stamps in their passport, girls who dream of a faraway (or nearby) land, still have foreign currency in their wallets. Girls who have had international flings, keep coming home to something nowhere else has. How much foreign weed have you smoked? Indigenous girls everywhere rep your tribe and your clan, your corner of the earth. We want as many different stories as possible represented, want to see where everyone is from. Tell us your story in any medium available to you ~ email all submissions to high@womenweedwifi.com by March 3, 2019!