Cannabis 101: Intro to Shopping Legal Weed

Hey babes, hope you are taking care of yourselves and are enjoying your life! This post is from our Cannabis 101 series, which breaks down some of the "basics" of weed --- from identifying the different types of strains, to understanding some of its legal history. This post contains some tips for those just getting legal shops in their states on the east coast and throughout the country, and curious about where to start and what to ask your budtender when you go inside. Sometimes, though glorious, all the options can seem overwhelming and like anything, the more informed you are as a patient or customer, the happier you will be with your selection, and your experience on your weed journey will be much smoother :)


1. Let your budtender know if you want flower, concentrate, or edibles
Most dispensaries have a wide selection of products including pre-rolled joints, loose weed of all weight (up to an ounce per person in WA state) , vapor cartridges, or wax for dabbing in an oil rig. Knowing ahead of time if you're looking for something to smoke in a pipe, something already rolled for you, something to eat, or a topical will help your budtender know which products to show you. 

2. Let your budtender know what kind of high you are looking for
It is fun to experiment and try on different types of high, however it is helpful to have a starting point when talking to your budtender as it will speed up the selection process! Figure out if you are looking for a more cerebral, mental, and stimulating Sativahigh, a more relaxing, body-centric, calming Indica high, or a Hybrid combination of both.


Samoas from Theory Wellness

3. Let your budtender know your price range
If you don't they will likely show you the most expensive thing, which will likely be really nice, but they probably have something good in your reasonable budget (don't ask for the best weed in the store for $5 please!)

4. Let your budtender know if you have any allergies etc
This is more important, obviously, when dealing with edibles, which can come in almost any food item you can think of. Paying close attention to the ingredients can ensure you are not confusing any negative allergy effects with the effect of the weed, and also so you don't end up sick.


Ku$h action shot post-legal pick up

5. Let your budtender make suggestions :)
Budtenders talk about weed, look at weed, sample weed all day long, so similar to a wine connoisseur they will have good suggestions, but the better you articulate the type of experience you're after, the better their suggestions will be. 

Some spots/ companies on the east coast we recommend trying are:

Theory Wellness ~ MA
Theory Wellness is a new medical marijuana dispensary and cultivation facility in Massachusetts. As one out of only 10 companies allowed to operate in the state, they have quickly differentiated themselves through their focus on small batch, unique genetics and their dedication to expanding well-being through cannabis therapies. Knowledgeable budtenders can walk you through your first experiences. Tell them we sent you!

DC Taste Buds ~ Washington, DC
DC Taste Buds is an edible company run by Victoria Harris, Warren Brown, and Anna Leis. As DC's ONLY black and brown-run edible company and a team equally comprised of chefs and growers, they deliver soul and top-notch quality. Products will include doses and flavors for everyone and is a great place for those looking for excellent edible experiences. Check them out in DC dispensaries very soon, peep our caramel popcorn review, and stay up to date for the in-store release!


The ladies of DC Taste Buds

Pink Fox ~ Washington, DC
Pink Fox is a cannabis lifestyle brand based also in Washington, DC. Though you can order Pink Fox merchandise (such as T-shirts and hats) from anywhere in the country, if you are local you may also call to schedule an appointment to shop retail and receive a treat! Through supporting initiative 71, Pink Fox is able to provide cannabis and cannabis-infused gifts to their clients aged 21 and over as a thank you for supporting the brand. Since they technically do not sell weed, but rather support the cannabis lifestyle, chat them up while you shop for answers on weed facts or personal preferences without pressure of a sale. 

If you want a little more basic info still before making your first legal purchase, read up on THC and how to tell what kind of high you are after here!

We will make more suggestions for spots/ brands around the country. If there is somewhere you love and recommend drop it in the comments or send us an email!

~ Kenya Ku$h~

All Information Displayed In This Post Is For Educational Purposes Only, And Is Not To Be Construed As Medical Advice Or Treatment For Any Specific Person Or Condition. Cannabis Has Not Been Analyzed Or Approved By The FDA. Individual Results May Vary.