Review: Pineapple Express


Another classic strain—perhaps you first heard of Pineapple Express through pop culture or through your dealer, however like always, every plant is unique like a child. Also like a child, the love, energy, and attention they receive directly affects how healthy and potent they will be. These plants were given the highest levels of care and affection from their mom over at Ritual Cannabis, as they flourished under the Goldendale, WA sun all summer long (remember our retreat there?). From watching these plants start as baby bushes then become full grown “trees,” and then to smoke them rolled in sacrificial tobacco leaves is an honor and exciting for any nature/plant/weed nerd.

This strain is a great sativa-hybrid, giving pretty 60/40 sativa-to-indica vibes (not a test result, just how it feels in my body), making it perfect to ride out any wave or energy level at any time of day. This bud has many visible trichomes and has a gentle and sweet, yet earthy aroma. The bud is more of a fluffy texture than dense nugs, and remains that way when broken down.


Collage by Kenya Ku$h and J-Nasty

Whatever time of the day you smoke this strain, it will complement creative activities. So if you are looking to use this strain actively, you might use it to start a new project, take a creative meeting, explore a new playlist, or come back to your familiar craft with fresh eyes and thirst for innovation. Use the cerebral and relaxing nature of Pineapple Express to begin a new collaboration, get experimental, go out and shake your ass to a fire DJ...

If you are looking to unwind and destress for the day, use this strain to facilitate engaging relaxation. Instead of smoking and immediately watching a show on repeat, try on one of these yoga moves below. If you are looking for a flow, follow the Sun Dance sequence on the left to help connect you to the sun/moon above you and the earth below you, as well as lengthen your spine (which may have become crunchy throughout the day), and open your chest. The pose on the right, Camel, is amazing for opening your heart chakra and an excellent pose to hold for a few rounds of breath, especially if you are going through any painful, new, or rocky emotional transitions. This pose is a good one to help you remain soft and ward off feeling jaded or cynical. Slow breathing and light stretching will help you settle into a deeper sleep and more quickly.


Photo collage by Kenya Ku$h // pages from “yoga exercises for teens” by Helen Purperhart

Whatever route you take, this tasty, sun-grown bud will help you be hot or cool—whichever pace you know you need to go. Physically, this has proven to be a big munchie strain, so it would also be good to use with meals and snacks or if, like me, you need occasional appetite stimulation. If you are someone who prefers to keep munchie effects low, be sure to hella hydrate and experiment with different teas and/or fruits, however note that food is exceptionally pleasurable with this smoke. :)

I hope y’all are all prepping for this equinox and transitions coming up on us, by sparking your creative fires now. Hibernation time is almost up, and the time for the butterflies to flap new wings approaches.

~ Kenya Ku$h ~