Mystic Marijuana: Post Gemini Season Reflections


The underworld of the unconscious, the open fields of fantasy, and the ongoing streams of the mind are many layers that fill out our identity. We travel within our psyche to new territories effected by the same doubts and rotted by the same evil. Seeking a way out can become a paradox as we sometimes fall out of love with the process of evolving. 

We might fear that we have to wait some more. That there may be more time needed to establish self-discipline, which means more healing. We assert ourselves and assert our will in order to rise to this higher level of purpose, instead of lowering our higher power down to earth. We rely on earth to stay grounded, and earth relies on us to maintain the gravity of our intellectual understanding about manifestation. We may look around and use our environment as a reference to what we do or do not want. Our environment then soaks into our many layers that fill out our identity, surroundings become enmeshed with our perceptions to deceive us. It is then easy to ignore the journey to expand and instead feel stuck, fixed on a single issue. Maybe you are stuck on the relationship with others rather than emphasizing the relationship with yourself. 

Thus, faithfulness to manifestations drawn from outside influences will not be potent. Manifestations lived vicariously through others, will be tracks you've laid down for yourselves to continue on, unable to think in new ways. You don't have to be some idol to be worshiped, that is not a dream, your dreams are your unconscious scratching at your soul, to rip into the atmosphere. Dreams that do not normally exist in the physical realm: love for life rather than a life of war. We greet ourselves with eyes closed and at peace, and then pick up the closest tool we desire to savagely plow through day to day. 

Resurrect the longing of the neglected soul, unlearn desire. Some desires are triggered by our outer world and it doesn’t help that our pace of life around us is speeding up. We might feel we must communicate or express our thoughts faster too (keep in mind how our dreams seem longer than they actually are while we are asleep). It is our desires in which external energy infuses life into you, same way conflicts in your desires bring tiredness in you, contradictions in your desires bring boredom in you, confusions in your desire brings frustration in you. The result of these desires bring you pain. 

A force such as pain flows through us so regularly that we cannot predict when it will pinch hard. When it does, remember, purity of pain is not a hallmark of wisdom, that is ego that wants a better image of themselves. It is tough to follow our heart when it is broken, but we can follow the cracks to meet the edge of fortified erosions. To meet the new garden in our hearts and minds that we wish to fully bloom, so we can provide that bouquet of life outside of us. For joy and pain lie placidly, like intertwining flowers.

~ J-Nasty