Mystic Marjiuana: Full Moon in Scorpio


A delectable destiny is in store for us- I’ve caught myself entranced by the psychic revelations coming forth from the backdrop we call life. During the beginning development period to this full moon in Scorpio I was trying so desperately to shift my equilibrium, only to teach myself a greater lesson. One instance where my cell phone randomly stopped functioning flipped the switch to survival mode for me. Nothing indicated that it was externally damaged, plus I fully charged it, and it still would not turn on. Long story short, I was forced to follow my heart to navigate without google maps to find Kenya Kush’s crib in pitch black night. She did not know my ETA, I just showed up…and low and behold she knew how to reboot my cellular device. If I was scared of being lost, I would've never of been found. This was a crazy introduction to the full moon in Scorpio, being about our deep authentic connection to ourselves and people, how both are essential to our existence. It really does play a crucial role in defining and understanding what we value most.

This moon is about letting go of our fears and breaking through the next level of our evolution. The next tragic death to follow, Prince, was a truth hard to swallow. This moon invites us to illuminate and integrate what has been hidden in the shadows, suppressed under the surface, things that we have rejected or don’t like about ourselves. Through his powerful influence, Prince had the same capability to wake up and shake up this world. To express ourselves, to not give a fuck about being “different” or dress unusually. He showed us it was OK to be wild, free, and vulnerable.

It really blows my mind how much this moon has brought the importance of connecting to our self-worth. Scorpio craves transformation and to get in touch with our deepest desires, what we truly feel passionate about, but also know what is our worst fears. The power of Scorpio helps us seek an understanding of our fears and our own darkness, where we can we feel ultimate powerful. By bringing light and consciousness and acknowledgment to these aspects of ourselves we’re able to embrace them and feel fully empowered.


It is sooo vital to bring our conscious awareness to places within ourselves where we put up walls, where we try to “protect” ourselves. We try to empower ourselves by putting up these walls, but don’t! Address past traumas instead. By addressing these things we can actually see through the defensive mechanisms in place, that falsely protect us from future traumas (what we fear). What truly helps us is connecting to our own inner strength, and our inner strength comes from real knowing and understanding of how powerful we really are. The power lies in being a being of love, having an open heart, having a full awareness of ‘self’ all the time. That is what helps us face in anything that comes our way, whether its traumatic or satisfying.

After overcoming an emotional wave through the uncertain adventures, from Kenya Kush re-calibrating my phone, last minute vending at BadWill market, Toya B’s DJ set at Wildstyle, to Prince resting in paradise was cosmically, all coming together — the rampant energy, unavoidable challenge, self-doubt, reaffirmation and renewal — under April’s full PINK (YESSS PINK, home is where the heart is) Moon coupled with a lunar eclipse in Scorpio was all the validation needed. It was the sunlight passing through.