Mystic Marijuana: New Moon in Scorpio


Fear is resistance to life and whenever we cling to what we're afraid to lose, life will push us to let go. An ending to anything, shatters the matrix, unable to reassemble, for those who travel for life, find more.  


 If you look back on your own brief history of life, you'll notice that to begin a new cycle, each obstacle has to be illuminated. Hitting a traumatic ending is more dominant in our memory thus forgetting about beginnings that followed. Trust that one cannot happen without the other, trust that your authentic connections with others and an intimate relationship with yourself conducts this flow of life.

Scorpio is a powerful sign that clears up judgement, especially on what is taboo: death, sex, and desires. unable to speak upon death, sexuality, and our emotional truth, we harden the boundless ports of watery Scorpio into ice (our hidden places in the subconscious). Do not freeze up. This cold air is meant for you to move and create your own warmth/intense passion. It does not need to be in the form of love but can be about unfinished business (the end to a new beginning). Which explains the outcry of sexual abuse in media and in our personal lives. Being oceans away from our progress to heal requires us to be empowered by our shadows. More light on our shadows tend to make them less scary. So we don't have to be sneaky, rather strategic.


It's time to be smart about what to let go of what doesn't keep us alive. Although you may come to a conclusion that we tend to not let go until something else takes its place, take hold of completing things, take hold of your your sexuality, and know that your dark side will also be honored and respected. Those that talk about their power are actually less powerful. Scorpios vision is like night goggles, created for the darkness. You can't punish pain or darkness, because pain holds healing energy too.

~ J-Na$ty ~