Mystic Marijuana: New Moon in Pisces


Pisces And The Importance of Prayer

Prayers are your greatest weapon, without them you’re left unaided. Not only does prayer help defeat our enemies, but it is also a force that sets our power in motion. We meditate on words and send our requests out and upward because we care for creation that provides life. It is in our very nature to first give thanks before nature grants us consolation, and creation continues to exist without us necessarily feeling it. Our prayers seek the meaning of visions when we cannot physically fight illusions. Similarly, earth destroys the work of evil through mysterious forces. So earth does not live for us alone, but for itself, just like humankind. 


The enlightenment achieved through prayer is what propels us into activity, like what air is to birds and water is to fish, our prayers urge our souls away from lethargy to be renewed again. Whenever our consciousness makes real progress, our whole world changes too. Just like how the hardness of a crystal may be partly useful, its true value lies within light that shines through.

It is the rigidness of reality that formulates our prayer. Our individual prayers build an inner fortress when we feel threatened. Much suffering that accompanies life stems from relying on others to show you the steps, and forgetting we navigate with one body—a body of knowledge. That's why it is called an intention because its realized inside of you, a whole galaxy away from this world. Sensible advice is completely counter productive—advice that urges you to not work so hard, to ignore pettiness, to eat healthy, etc. doesn’t actually help, or at best it rarely does. We find relief when we find out what purpose our prayer secretly holds, or wants from us. Introspections usually follow after prayer because the stream of life causes friction or disturbance outside of ourselves. The thing that can drive away evil is always hard and unique to find, which is why we feel we are endlessly searching during our prayers.  


We often go through the process of healing because there is or has been a negative impact on us. It’s best to not feel guilty about the course of action. There are simply times when you must step away. Of course, some of these negative results may be experienced due to our own selves, as we all have insecurities, fragilities, and vulnerabilities. Minimize the connection with the situation or person that is causing you harm, therefore you can develop enough self-love and enough strength to expose yourself again through prayer. Your prayer can be simple as “dear higher self, the problems that torment me I place in your blessed hands.” Bringing about such an entanglement within the unconscious forces you to develop and bring your own being to maturity by integrating more of your personal communication with faith, hence bringing it into real life. 


During the new moon in Pisces (endings) as it transitions to Aries (beginnings), put an end to your pain and write a prayer to implore the continuation of healing. Try writing it down which can stimulate the memory, then pierce it with a knife into the ground to represent lightening of energy to activate it. In a sense, we are the symbol of Pisces, a fish that swam the incredible journey to grow into a human. Still on the odyssey of our unconsciousness, tied with prayer (reflections) our greatest mirror, also seen in water, the element of Pisces. We must brood over the bloody rivers to give birth to ourselves, for we are the answers our ancestors prayed for. And prayers in general are the precursor of the human potential for higher wisdom.