Mystic Marijuana Flow: New Moon in Virgo Yoga Series


Our yoga sequence is formulated to honor and move with the New Moon’s energy in Virgo. When you reach Sun Salutation B, read what we have outlined for you to tweak your routine. Two options are listed to help you focus on what you have to give in your practice and keeping the wonder alive. New Moon in Virgo teaches us that we can accomplish more when we look into the details of our strength. Holding a pose for a really long time doesn’t indicate strength, more so its the unshakeable serenity while being committed to your goals. 


If I wish to expand, I must first contract

To be mentally flexible, I must be physically gentle 


Photo by Adrian Estrada @hndicapshoota

Begin in a seated position or child’s pose. Close your eyes and allow yourself to settle into your body. Become aware of your breath. Begin to reset its rhythm by taking deep inhales to fill up, and deep exhales to let go of all the stale air in your body. Breathe into the sensations that arise and use your breath to break away tension in your body. Gradually engage your ujjayi breath to use throughout the flow—Deep breaths in through your nose and deep exhales out of your nose. Enjoy getting acquainted with your breath for several minutes. Blink your eyes open or keep them closed. Shift forward to table top position and flow through several rounds of cat/cow poses. 

SUN A (Flow)
-Downward Facing Dog: shift hips up and back, all fours are firmly planted.
-Forward Fold: gaze forward and walk your feet forward to meet your hands. Let your head & neck hang heavy and sway side to side. 
-Mountain Pose: slowly roll up to stand, lifting head last. Once balanced on feet with hips underneath shoulders, close eyes and bring hands to meet at heart center. Repeat Mantra here
-Forward Fold: melt chest over thighs, bring hands to earth. 
-Downward Facing Dog: plant hands on earth, and walk feet to back of mat.

Pose: scorpion dog// Smoke+Stretch @nurturingrootsfarm Sept. 16

Sun B: 

-From downward dog INHALE right leg high, EXHALE scorpion dog
-INHALE right leg high (3 legged dog) EXHALE low lunge

Pick one, 

-INHALE warrior 1 : back heal 75 degrees, widen your stance side to side, biceps frame your ears
-INHALE crescent moon: back knee gently drops, chest pulls away from thighs, palms at your waist/push lightly off front knee/arms above head

linger in the pose you chosen and breath

Revisit your mantra, do what is necessary vs. what is redundant, practice restful alertness! 



Pick one, 

-INHALE first, EXHALE humble warrior: clasp your fist behind your back, bow inside your front leg
-INHALE first, EXHALE airplane pose: launch off back leg, balance on standing foot, stretch your upper torso to the top edge of mat, activate back leg, arms can be by your waist or fingers laced palms squeezed behind your back 


-INHALE warrior 2: heels in one line, arms to a T, gaze over your front middle finger

Pick one,
-EXHALE extended side angle with radiant arm version: front knee stacked over ankle, top arm sweeps overhead, bottom arm shoots forward, core is engaged 
-EXHALE skandasana (side lunge), squat towards front leg, other leg is long, flex toes towards face, hands at heart or one arm down in your inner thigh and one arm diagonally up 

Restart on an inhale, exhale low lunge, high plank, option for vinyasa chatarunga flow or back to downward down

Photo by Adrian Estrada @hndicapshoota

Remember before repeating the other side, commit to your mantra and exercise your intuition! Do what is necessary vs. what is redundant. 

After you have flowed on both sides drop back into childs pose

Pick one, 
-Hands together, bend elbows, thumbs at the tip of your neck
-Cusp your heals 

Intensify your breath, in harmony with the New Moon’s energy in Virgo. Weaken your ambitions, strengthen your essence. Filter your ego and rest easy in the wise choices you’ve made thus far in your practice to tweak your routine. Learning to be consistent with your schedule through unlimited ways of expression, instead of devoting to be firm, that your schedule has to look a certain way. Be flexible, the dance of the New Moon in Virgo will always curve to your needs. Focus on what you have to give!!

The melanin in me recognizes the melanin within you 


Kenya Ku$h and J-Na$ty