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Women. Weed.WiFi

International Chats EP 001: Tama Gucci


All hail Tama Gucci, music full of resilient grace! Each lyric stands as a torch filled with honesty in the face of emotional closure. Rescuing you from dead memories and screaming farewells, he tells it like it is and what you see is what you get—a cultural icon of unchained intimacy. Tama adds a new definition to blackness and masculinity. A queer beauty and defiant angelic voice who shares in our interview that he will fight until the bitter end of love. 

 Most of his dance+music videos he edits himself. His virtual background effects prove that "escaping" doesn’t mean leaving reality, it’s being present in reality. These videos seem almost ritual, reaching deep within to achieve a change in his own realization. At first glance, his IG feed looks so surreal, as if he had one foot in a different place that belongs to a dream. His style creates visceral experiences, whether its modeling, performing, producing, or hosting parties. Playing across these dymanic worlds, he can switch into a sci-fi character or gain visibility through fashion and fantasy. Tama is someone who can hide dark secrets behind a smile—a smile that also breaks open an understanding of human tenderness. 


Despite the cold front hitting Miami during Art Basel, meeting Kymani (Tama Gucci) was one of the warmest encounters. The trip was also worth my shitload of outfit errors bracing the frightful winds as I got to visit my BFF from college, Thamar aka Tami T, a Women.Weed.WiFi contributor and owner of plugstation. I am thankful she was able to join the interview and is hip and passionate about connecting to the culture of artists who stay real out there, too. We drove down to Biscyenne to pick up Kymani. Originally I had planned to have the interview where I was staying, at Motel Bianco on their urban outdoor patio, but it was extremely brick out. So, instead we hotbox Tami’s car with Kymani and instantly hit it off. Three glamorous Leos smoking a strain called Jungle Cake. We were so high we didn’t start driving for another 30 minutes. Laughing uncontrollably like we would at one of those royal dinner parties. 

On our way to a sit down spot, Kymani gives us his cute clothing haul of the day and thrift store recommendations. Revealing pockets of funny and personal stories about his siblings, and along the way he also surprises us with an unreleased track. Tami and I were geeked to be the first ears to listen when he took over the aux chord. Kymani is so sweet, his kindness could excuse him from returning any favors. It was a such a treat to connect... We finally arrive to our destination in Wynwood, Miami’s art district, to a bar called Gramps. Low neon lights, chill baby lizards gawking, and a live all-vinyl set that you can hear in our recorded convo. Hope you enjoy our favorite Tama Gucci song picks mixed with our personal scoop of what Tama Gucci is about. Included: WORLD PREMIERE EXCLUSIVE WOMEN.WEED.WIFI TRACK! 



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