Meet the Women: Kelly Guava Jelly

In the underground Eastern Washington free-spirited prairies, woods, and ridges is where I first stomped my grounds. Childhood memories conjure fairs of bartering with sons and daughters of gypsies and country musicians. Hair was religion and locks were flowing…

So too flow the vibrations of medicinal and recreational consumption of multipurpose marijuana. It was and continues to be an inherent part of my heritage and myself. I have personally cultivated, cured, and absorbed the herb through countless methods, and my relationship with sweet sativas and indicas is deep-rooted and intimate. I always pass my joints to the left hand side.

Kelly Guava Jelly was born out of a lifetime exploration of islands. Since living on Hawaii as a child, my natural temptation has always been for tropical sensations. Peachy is me wherever there is a beach, heat, and things that make you want to move your feet. Catch me blazing up the dance floor at local shows, or up close and getting personal, as co-founder of Seattle Dancehall TV.

The green in me sees peace and sustainability. I believe hemp and her beautiful purple cousin to be the healing of the nation and our only solution. As sisters, mothers, daughters, teachers, we are an imperative part of that answer.

Women.Weed.Wifi enables me to speak my mind and share my story. This is our place to participate in consciousness, build awareness, and exercise our voices with other like-minded movers and shakers. We write for the fight.