Possibly the trickiest part of getting what you want in life is just figuring out what you really want. And yet it is certainly the most important part of the process. If there was no obstacles in the way, would you still take the leap? All the goals that we put on the back burner activate our DNA to leap forward through the feared fire. Ask yourself what plans do you want to bring into action? Volatile rhythms in fire, embodied by the full moon in Aries, are here to help show what steps you can consciously take toward that goal, though it is ultimately up to you to accept leaping boundlessly forward.


May the full moon nod in approval as a friend that you can count on. A friend you can talk to about your dreams. Transmute the obstacles of fire into internal heat, which will melt away outer constraints. Transmuting those obstacles doesn't mean you have to run, but rather allow yourself to momentarily fall and to rest. A relaxed mental state allows you to sense all the energies around you and notice how they shift. The fire may build a thick wall, but you can still see through the leaping flames.

When you walk through the full moon's fire your feet and fear are cleansed, allowing you to walk with courage. To the nonbelievers, the earth simply provides the paths to walk on, but to the divine that observe the planet, earth becomes an expression of the universal mind. Even if you don't know what you really want in life, remind yourself there is no limitation.

When we deeply change our mental concepts, our physical self follows suit. Our visions are earth’s mental energy, our universe doesn't want us to just survive on earth, but survive with it. Finally, to feel exceptionally high, clear, strong, or  “on top of the world," is to be apart of and experience all the miracles of earth, since our planet is held up by our creative visualizations. We must stand with conviction by these miracles, because in the end a miracle is what we may really need.   

~ J-Nasty ~