Mystic Marijuana: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces

A women’s period can either be a bad visitor and/or a blessing. Similar to a cycle that reaches a New Moon, uncontrollable emotions disturb you only to provide relief and clarity. The connection between your personality and your higher self is a two way channel, and it's important to develop the flow in both directions. Such as in any other relationship, i.e you and nature, woman and the moon cycle, woman and the earth, a New Moon can bring feelings of discomfort, and as a reflex we become closed off. In this light, it means we are receptive. We quiet our personality, as if we are meditating to come into a being-ness space. Your intuitive mind opens a channel for higher wisdom to guide you through this period, where you can ask questions and wait for answers to come to you in the form of pain, imagination, and all ranges of negative and positive revelations. 

If you experience either bleeding to death (metaphorically) and/or falling in love with yourself during this New Moon, you’re experiencing your higher self. When you’re guided by and are consciously aware of your higher self, you will find that it seems to come and go rather sporadically. At one moment you may be feeling strong, clear, and creative, the next moment you may be thrown back into confusion and insecurity. Realize that this is a part of the process. Once you are aware of your higher self, you can call on it whenever you need it, and gradually you will find that it is with you more and more of the time. When the channel between you and your higher self or any form of energy you receive and/or emit flows freely in all directions, you are constantly being your own leader to higher wisdom. Based on that spiritual ministry, you are making choices and creating your world and your reality in the highest, most beautiful way. 

Our New Moon in Pisces is a reminder to go with the flow. Going with the flow means holding onto your goals lightly (even though they may seem very important) and being willing to change them if something more appropriate and satisfying comes along. Typically, heavy emotions riding on whether you attain your goal (that is, if you will be upset if you don't get it ) will tend to work against you. In your fear of not getting what you want, you may actually be energizing the idea of not getting it as much or more than you are energizing the goal itself. Work first on your feelings about the matter, if you find yourself very emotionally attached to a goal. Take a good look at what you fear about not achieving the goal, you must not let this fear take over or force you to believe something not true. You must not want what you fear but flow with it. It is that balance between keeping your destination clearly in mind, and yet also enjoying all the beautiful or disastrous scenes you encounter along the way, and even being willing to change your destination if life starts to take you in a different direction. In short, it means being firm, yet flexible.