777 Capsule: The SACRAL
neish sacral.JPG

I use emotion as a guide.
I prescribe sex as a cure.
I view creativity as a lifestyle.

This is SACRAL.

Your second chakra, the sacral, is the headquarters of your emotions and feelings; naturally intertwined with your sexual desires and creativity. For me, the road to healing/balancing this chakra, aka balancing my highly sensitive and overly emotional tendencies, began when I decided to be more creative with designing my life. And since I understand that being creative is just about being open to my own and others' perceptions and perspectives, naturally my sexual desires and my art became reflections of that. And I'm getting better. And my emotions have been well-balanced with logic. And I have an outlet to express them. And what y'all call that again? Living your best life? Yeah, I think that's what they meant.

Music: Ravyn Lenae ft. Steve Lacy "STICKY" - produced by Steve Lacy

~ Neish (@actionbrownskin) ~