Mystic Marijuana: New Moon in Gemini


Usually when we think of a genius, we think of a person who has made a phenomenal, long-lasting contribution to some socially-valued domain. They’re either a great artist, scientist, political leader, someone with a high IQ, or have an exceptional performance at young age. Some people rarely sympathize with geniuses, assuming it is easy for them to create, and that ideas just appear in their minds easily. I believe it is hard for a genius because they can’t live “normal” lives, seeing the world differently than others. If you’re working with many fields perhaps with little ‘formal’ training , slaying without explanation, are flexible—open to newness, taking risks, promoting vanity along the way—than you’re a genius. 


The multifaceted Gemini, invokes the genius within. Months ahead we’re diligently asking the right questions at the right time, distancing ourselves from complacency. Our Mother Moon drops several feats on us, for us to call on our greatness. Focus your attention on an assortment of devotions these next weeks. Our mood for the New Moon in Gemini is, “Do shit better than they’ve been done before.” The genius never feels small, always rising above meekness. Not all will innovate by tomorrow, but the trees also don’t grow up to the clouds. Just like the sky that gives the trees space, the genius creates space for the impossibilities in our lives. Those impossibilities coming true are miracles. Be the genius, be the miracle this universe needs. 

New Moon in Gemini Mantra: 

Inhale, the hero inside 
Exhale, the recipe for excellence