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Swisher Sessions: Episode 15 Geexella - Gee's Things

Afrolatinx DJ, rapper, singer, and natural born leader. Geexella is made of starlight, reaffirming beauty and freedom for many day or night. They can shield a community with speaking out, heal others with music, and teach folx at any age how to bloom. When I meet them last year to hear about their future plans, fast forward to now—All was said had prospered. Geexella didn’t seek results out of our interview but only sought to express their love and joy, inevitably unleashing their inner glow. Please check them out if you have not done so and we hope this exclusive mix gets you out of your head like it did for me, dancing your soul loud and proud!

"Wow! So in 2018 I definitely found my group of people. I created a POC queer dance night in town called "Duval Folx"! Super huge for my city. Being in the south a lot of queer POCs like most cities don't have spaces for us to be in and cross all boundaries with our outfits and fluidity. A lot of folx have been telling me how grateful they are for DF and can't wait for more parties <3 This space has opened up some freedom for queer folx in my city and that makes my heart even more warm!

Quote to live by : Your mental health is most important above anything and everything" - Geexella

International Girl Gang Expo: Night at the Neptune Visuals

✨Editor’s Preface✨ wow, it’s hard to believe it’s been a minute since the #internationalgirlgangexpo !!

In July 2017 we took over the historic Neptune Theatre, filling it with 20+ all woc vendors, performers, DJs, visual producers! Over 300+ of you came out to our purple and blue oasis to support all the talent. It was truly magical 💜✨💙 if y’all knew how many actual true miracles we had to turn out to pull this off...this was our greatest test and sweetest success!

Thank you so much to STG PRESENTS for awarding us with the Nights at the Neptune grant (an award for artists/collectives working for social justice through their art), Martín Sepulveda and all the Neptune staff for their help, all the performers/vendors, and everyone that came out ! We’ll never forget the feeling of that night ✨✨✨ ~ Kenya Ku$h

✨Check out Women.Weed.WiFi’s official visuals for the International Girl Gang Expo.

This piece is laced with Seattle-based DJ PHNK’s mix for our Swisher Sessions, “Women.Weed.WiFi - Mad Ethnic Episode 11”

Created by Stoney SPICE With special a special

Thank you to Ya$$a, Blu, Robin Eisenberg, Saint Hoax & the internet for their inspiration. ~ Stoney SPICE