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Mystic Marijuana: New Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio energy contains an inaccessible lair, hiding our wildest side, a shadow trotting behind us full of mystery. In hindsight, we ask for a close-up on a dangerous, dense adventure. The only warning however, is theft of ancient domains because they (the colonial enterprise) fear the dark cocoon of grief and love inside us all—a quiet ache swelling up a raw force during this new moon.

Like my Tita says, eat all the bruised fruits to consume the most nutritional benefits. In those terms, ‘first world’ habits towards our untamed closeted traditions are to eat only the perfect fruits. Society manically disorganizes our power for they’re trying to eat our durability. Yes, our durability is weighted with fragility, if so we break, echoes of ancient memory—healers, priestesses, ritualists, herbalists, and mediators between realms—ring our corridor of history, awakening our core like a distant gong. Our intentions this month drastically ripple and flood a watery grave as earth’s poisons perish.

Scorpio season will keep us alive at twilight, refreshed by the cooling effects of the oncoming occultism. We get stronger when we value our bodies and minds. We don’t get stronger for the sake of being independent—we, who are many, get stronger when we learn about our heritage and give birth to children. This is the reckoning they will see. We get stronger when we are willing to do what is necessary. Below are mantras so you may experience a blissful surrealism of ancestral remedy during this time of complex emotions and demands for rapid acclimation to bounce back from any disparity or find means to support yourself. Most importantly take care of your body, which will take care of your ancestors.

Scorpio Mantra: 

I give my body permission to lead and guide 

My body is mine and mine alone 

My body dances with wholeness 

I tune into a rhythm, only my body can feel and hear


Mystic Marijuana: Full Moon in Scorpio
photography by Dawn Marie Jones @stoyanovjones

photography by Dawn Marie Jones @stoyanovjones

What we once thought was a heavy burden is now turned into something most precious and most valuable to us. In at least one area of our lives all of us during this full moon in Scorpio are going to have a sense of where it is that we are now ready, or where it is that we have done the work in order to reap the new, colorful buds that come out of the dark earth.

Fascinated by the transformation—what was once an excess of nothingness or a rigid container with just seeds full of intentions is now treasure we carry and give to others. To recognize: who yearns to know the way cycles of life work, also know that their search is not profitable unless they know it’s in disguise. Our burdens are almost like an unsolved riddle: a coin flip that cannot be rushed. 

photography by Dawn Marie Jones @stoyanovjones

photography by Dawn Marie Jones @stoyanovjones

Answer to riddle: All of us are this embodiment of Gold. Everyone is born with a lottery ticket inside of them not because we all have a 5th house, but because we all have something inside of us that we can bet on.

We all have something within us that we can trust, and if we trust it and take that gamble—whether it’s time, education, preparation, or practice. You cash in your time to cultivate that within you. It can be a source of great riches or can at least facilitate great riches in our lives. We can understand these riches in different ways—the lush environment, the mysteries of the water, the light of the moon. We can understand riches in an emotional plane, the care that we receive, the people that surround us, or happiness and or literal prosperity. 

This is the type of full moon that asks you to get clear about where it is that you are now, get ready to claim your riches, and to acknowledge where it is there is wealth in your life.