Review: Blueberry


At this stage in my relationship with weed there are certain strains that I regard as go-tos — strains that I know and will give me predictable and favorable highs. Blueberry definitely falls into that category as one of my favorite hybrids. I definitely gravitate toward fruity weed for the taste and the fragrance, and Blueberry has an incredible terpene (hydrocarbons responsible for plant’s unique flavor) profile. With a flavor this bomb, I like to pair it with a complementary flavored Swisher (like Grape, Peach, or Summer Twist) or mango rice papers.

This particular harvest by Noble Farms was totally pesticide free (always a bonus if not requirement) and produced super chunky, long buds. Any given nug in the quarter I picked up looked like the purple, crystal-ly version of one of my kinky locks of hair. The nugs were super big and fluffy, but still dense when you squeezed them. They were very kiefy and had a good amount of visible trichomes that stuck to my fingers when breaking it down.


Sometimes Blueberry feels more indica-dominant and other times, like this one, it feels more sativa-dominant. I usually am not a sativa fan, but this strain is particularly good for alleviating anxiety so I am not scared to reach for it. Rather, this is the type of strain that has me pussy popping in the mirror before cooking or writing poetry. It is also a good strain to quell social anxiety, so bring it to the smoke sesh or party with you!

Recently I have found myself facing intense energy shifts and demands from myself and those around me, which in itself is not something scary, but being human facing something new and unknown with bravery can be daunting. I’m definitely thankful to have Blueberry to ease the anxiety of change and even put me in a good enough mood to conquer the fear of my personal capacity for greatness.


Taste/Smell: Sweet and smooth — fruity, yet subtle.
Color: Blend of dark green and dark purple. Dusted with tons of white kief.
Texture: Fluffy, yet dense, and slightly sticky.
Method of Consumption: blunt
Smokeability: 9/10
Overall Satisfaction: 9/10

Photos: Amongst the Wolves TV

~Kenya Kush~