Review: Lavender


As this intense moon cycle heightens, I find my soul craving release like jumping in bed after a long day or running into the ocean and waiting for the tide to swallow and burp me out again. In just one lunar cycle I find so much within me permanently altered — a higher version of myself bursting through painfully and gleefully at the same time.

Riding the super productive wave of the past few weeks, I have been focusing on organizing my spaces (physical and mental) and working more efficiently within them. This has not left me stressed per say, but maintaining the new lifestyle was starting to get to me — I hit the point where my initial burst of energy is gone and a longer, more concentrated stamina is required.


This Lavender bud found me just at the right time. Smoking this herb truly was a pampering experience. The nugs themselves are a deep shade of purple all the through, which is super beautiful to observe with the contrast of the white trichomes (crystals) and red pistils (hairs). When I opened my grinder in preparation to roll up in a Swisher Diamond (best non-flavored blunt wraps to taste only your weed) I was hit with an intense citrus and floral scent. I considered putting it in a teabag and resting it on the pillow next to me while I slept, it smelled so good, but ultimately decided fire was its fate.


It was a dream to roll up — sticky and easily compacted. When hitting it, it was super smooth, in terms of the sweet taste and the inhale. True to what you might expect from an indica, this was a deep body high. Since it was the night time anyway, I instantly felt a little sleepy, a little dreamy, a little sensual. All roads led to the bed — where I felt an overwhelming sensation of being at home and at peace in my body. I gave into the flirty self-indulgence of the evening and fell asleep to lucid, mind-bending dreams.

The sensory, peaceful high was the perfect reset button to my week — a friendly reminder of the natural eroticism and happiness of life.

Taste/Smell: Floral and citrus notes
Color: Deep dark purple
Texture: Tight, sticky buds
Method of Consumption: blunt
Smokeability: 9/10
Overall Satisfaction: 10/10

Photos: Amongst the Wolves TV

~Kenya Kush~