Review: Hawaiian Lavender



Perplexing revelations occur when you are on the same wavelength as someone or something. One where you bask in a synchronistic afterglow that surpasses perfect timing or “great minds think alike” moments. A shiny breakthrough occurs where any type of causal connections are made with an immense amplitude of consciousness. This atmospheric luminosity helps guide your path.

Pay close attention to these elicit coincidences, my darlings. You may notice your frequency echoes high volumes, calling forth persistent, cosmic actions. Whether it is your weed that aligns with your chakras or your whole squad goin’ up that keeps you alive, both are important medicines. Defining an experience as pivotal as this keeps you high above dormant shallowness.


When you are inspired by an extraordinary event, treat it as a positive attribution to your life. Doing so attracts and magnifies your connection to all things great and small. For instance, many people suffer deep-seated, undeniable feelings of excitement to rush home after a long, hard day of work. I would not blame you if all you could think about at that moment is stripping off your clothes or changing into sweats as soon as your exhausting day was over. At the very least, make getting naked or whatever your degree of comfort is, meaningful.

A draining mood could unwind that string of synchronicity into a downward spiral of spiritual alienation. Do not allow for this to happen, in order to sustain or set into motion a transformative progression toward more exalted frequencies, try the velvety smooth, Indica-dominant strain, Hawaiian Lavender. Its flirty effects toy with your mind, leaving you smitten and desiring more. Every toke is like an innocent kiss, a natural reflex to close your eyes when your lips meet the bong. Oh Hawaiian Lavender, take me now… I’ve already undressed the stress, waiting for you… Your devilish charm provides an intoxicating and alluring haze — enticing me into bed.

Hawaiian Lavender is a leverage to higher frequencies, harmonizing my pulse of great purpose. Being touched by the idea of my romantic affair with life’s synchronicity.