Review: Dutch Dream


Sometimes life calls for taking time to press pause, sitting quietly, and resetting your physical, mental, and spiritual self. Recently, I found myself needing exactly that — a time of intense reflection, revelations, and rest. Already it has re-calibrated my soul into alignment with the boundless love of the universe, but before we get too deep into that I want to share some notes on the herb I used to help me recenter.


As I’ve mentioned before, Blue Dream is one of my favorite strains for its mood-elevating and spacey, floaty feels. Dutch Dream is a hybrid of Blue Dream and Dutch Treat, a slightly Indica dominate hybrid. This powerhouse cross gave me one of the nicest Sativa highs I’ve had in a while. First, the sweet, minty smell was aromatherapy in itself as I definitely spent a few minutes before inhaling just smelling my stash. The taste was no different than the smell, much to my delight. The inhale was super smooth and light — there was no choking or hits that sent me over the edge. I smoked out a glass piece, but if it was in a joint, it would’ve felt more like smoking an herbal cigarette mixed with marijuana rather than some dank weed.


The light and mellow high was perfect for my purpose, which was simply to sit quietly with my crystals, candles, and books. I was relaxed enough to invite all of the repressed energies I had been harboring to the surface, but present enough to stay focused on my breathing and be able to release said energies. I felt the same floaty feelings that I get with Blue Dream and the same elevation in mood as well, which is crucial when inviting in darkness. This bud is definitely an aid for raising your spiritual vibrations.

As always, it is best to use weed in conjunction with other spiritual tools if it is truly clarity and not just an escape you seek. This strain combined with working with crystals such as Amazonite (assists with dream manifestation; instilling truth and peace) and Rose Quartz (assists with self-love) has been a knockout combo that has my heart feeling more pure with each round of smoking meditation (more on this technique to come!).

Taste/Smell: Sweet and minty.
Color: Forest green with a lot of amber hairs.
Texture: Dense, not sticky or dry.
Method of Consumption: glass bowl
Smokeability: 10/10
Overall Satisfaction: 10/10