Review: Middlefork


Middlefork by Royal Tree Farms has become one of my go-to strains as well as drawing (with Alice in Wonderland) for the current title of my favorite sativa. I don’t make that statement lightly…generally I treat sativas like baby mamas — I avoid them as much as possible so as to maintain mental clarity. Since I already have a mind that spirals down rabbit holes multiple times a day, I don’t need any additional help from the plant. Though sativas are generally thought to be the more “up” and productive type of weed, the mental loops I can get caught in while smoking them prevent me from doing the dishes, reading, and other tasks that they are supposedly perfect for. There are, however, certain strains that will have me dancing through the house and ready to knock out my to-do list.


Middlefork is one such strain. The strain was created in Washington State and is hybrid strain bred from a DJ Short Blueberry and Dutch Treat. As it is technically a hybrid, Middlefork does have notable indica properties such as relief from anxiety, pain, and nausea. However, these two strains combine to create a SUPER potent and extremely happy high.


When smoking Middlefork I feel dreamy, like I am walking around in my own personal cloud floating me from one spot to the other. Middlefork produces a very happy high (as opposed to mellow or heady) so it is definitely a great strain for the daytime and social events. This is a similar feeling to one from a Blue Dream, however it is more intense. I usually recommend this strain to people that fear being weighed down by Indicas, but still want a strong, relaxing, and euphoric high.

Taste/Smell: Sweetish — fruit and dinner rolls
Color: brownish green, super prominent white coat of crystals (trichomes)
Texture: Sticky and fluffy
Method of Consumption: joint
Smokeability: 10/10
Overall Satisfaction: 9/10


Check out Royal Tree Gardens’ site for more detail on strains and where their products are available.

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~Kenya Ku$h~