Review: Orange Blossom by Falcanna

Living in the city and being synched to the internet makes you a real life, fast-paced, single (or few) task-minded, instant machine-- a robot of sorts. While I am not suggesting the removal of the internet (because, hello, cool), I do think that over time it can rot us especially when we are starved of nature living in cities. Seattle, as far as cities go, has a good amount of access to nature including parks, lakes, and trees, but I remember the unique heat and caustrophobic feeling of cities in the summer when the sun reflects off the skyskrapers and the bodies are all sticky no matter what, and the tempers are short. It is very necessary to retreat into nature whenever possible to help settle your mind and body from all the buzzing and background noise of modern life.

Recently, J-Nasty and I were lucky enough to be invited to a private holistic healing center in the south of Washington, in a rare patch of landscape similar to that of a Californian vineyard. The ground was dry and red, the property was dense with trees and we never saw a neighbor (except for a few cats and heard a few coyotes cackling) throughout our trip. While we brought enough food and weed as if to indulge, the setting of the land, the plants growing on it, and all the marvels of the clear night sky was definitely its own kind of high.

Apple Pie by Princess visualization of us the farm <3

In the late morning, after practicing yoga under the bright sun, reading, and eating fruits, we rolled up a blunt of Orange Blossom, a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid. The nugs were light green, dusted with white sugar and a few orange hairs like sprinkles, looking like some sort of fruit snack. As soon as we cracked the bag, the gentle citrus scent wafted through the air, more light like an essential oil, than dank or stinky like some other strains. I used a grinder to break down the nugs, but it would've been easy enough to do by hand. Light and fluffy, like the stuffing of a pillow, it was easy to roll up and not so light where you feel like you need to use more weed than usual to fill the wrap.


The taste was in line with the smell, light and citrusy, however the high was surprisingly heavy. After finishing the blunt, both J-Nasty and I drank a strong cup of coffee as we were about to help put some plants in the soil and felt a little too loose and comfortable with this bud to perform that kind of task. However, after some potent sips of delicious, pioneer-brewed coffee I felt ready to play in the dirt, though still super high. The fresh air, bright sun, cool breeze, and sounds of animals acts like an additional terpene in the plant, and with the orange taste lingering on m fingers, I felt like my hands were blessing the plants as we gardened as I knew they were blessing me. 

This plant was testing around 33% THC and though I'm always kind of skeptical of numbers reported over 30%, this was definitely a super potent high. We smoked some of the host's CBD weed afterward and it was a dream with a perfect balance of clarity and calm. I would definitely recommend using this Orange Blossom strain to escape into the woods, to the beach, to the park, a backyard, a creek---whatever piece of nature you can find access to and enjoying some uninterrupted, quiet(er) deep breaths alone or with loved ones. 

~Kenya Ku$h