Review: Cherry Pie


There are few things more revitalizing than the warmth of the sun and the crispness of new air. This alone is enough to send your brain into an elevated state of consciousness as your physical and psychic senses adjust to new climates, culture, and people. I experience that feeling in many different places and often it is in nature. Something about being so small and instantly humbled to the landscape creates a feeling of awe and god similar to that of moments of deep prayer or meditation. 

I recently traveled deep into the SoCal desert with my mother, sister, and friend-family and experienced a perfect day among the rare Joshua Trees and during the brief flowering period of cacti and other desert plants, rarely in bloom. While relaxing after getting reset with crystals and sound healing, I rolled up a blunt of Cherry Pie and surrendered even further into the surreal beauty of the moment. Posted up on a log of wood, barefoot, toes in the hot sand with the occasional thorn, the silence of the wind fully encompassed and blessed me. As my THC levels rose, so did the heat of my skin increasingly warmed by the overhead sun, unclouded by anything. Both this time as I sat amongst fellow cacti and tumbleweeds and a few days earlier on the beach, I felt an inherent language being communicated between my skin and the sun. It was as though my melanin was craving the long exposure and time to convene with its god, the one energy source with the power to physically alter our brown skin to a more reflective, effortlessly deeper shade. 

The Cherry Pie was as its name implies, sweet tasting and smelling, consumed in small stages so as not to comatose. Something about smoking in the sun, especially if I'm sitting out for a long time (in this case, all day) makes me feel similar to a sugar rush --- sleepy, sluggish, and swollen, so I opted to lazily draw out the blunt, rather than burn it all the way down like usual.

The indica-hybrid coupled with some Fleetwood Mac was perfect for transporting to another time and place completely. I was half futuristic dystopian and half hippie child and the Cherry Pie aided me in our adventures running through brush and climbing up, down, and through stupid tall rocks. I was able to release to the wind as much as I was also absorbing from the sun.

~Kenya Kush ~

“Climbed a mountain and I turned around/ And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills/ ‘Til the landslide brought it down/ Oh, mirror in the sky/ What is love?/ Can the child within my heart rise above?”

— 'Landslide' by Fleetwood Mac