Review: GSC by Top Shelf


I'm sure everyone has already heard of this strain and likely has smoked it at some point, if not regularly. Girl Scout Cookies is a classic hybrid of Durban Poison (sativa) and OG Kush (hybrid) that is as sought after as the ones the girls in green push every year. As a pretty balanced hybrid, it is great for anytime of the day. This particular batch from Top Shelf tested at 33.7% (did not check the numbers until writing this review), which explains why I've been acting extra each time I smoke it.


With its crumbly texture and super kiefy exterior, the bright green and purple nugs with fiery orange hairs easily fall apart and settle into a soft pile of glittery greens. This is truly that loud pack as even sealed up tight I was still stinking up the bus with that sweet, earthy kush smell. Each time I smoked this batch I felt super energized and active, craving movement and sweat. Despite being a hybrid, this strain definitely was one that asks you to do stuff, rather than think/observe stuff. I would highly recommend using this strain to explore music, film and anything else sensory. I was discovering new harmonies in familiar songs and even re-visiting artists I had put on the shelf, including M.I.A. (artwork featured). 


I had waved my hand at her a couple years ago, because I felt constantly let down by her lack of awareness of how her public statements comparing struggles inadvertently dissed black spaces/ many other incidents. However, re-listening to her music in this heightened state and discovering her early artwork/ back story really helped me put things into context and reiterated that we should never put too much weight into one person, because they WILL fuck up, they DO hold fucked up beliefs, they ARE ignorant about certain things, and they are ACTIVELY  in a state of learning and unlearning. This is not to excuse any offensive or sus behavior, but rather to remind myself and others that there are no gods on earth and even the most revolutionary, outspoken, creative people still are children at the end of the day, self-included. 


Unapologetic expression is good for all aspects of health, including spiritual, mental, and physical. If you use cannabis for more medicinal purposes this particular strain is known for relieving intense pain, nausea, and insomnia. I can confirm that though this definitely had me "up" I also got very deep sleep, kind of like a kid that wears itself out after a day of playing outside. Overall this classic lives up to its widespread reputation and is good enough to make a believer out of a doubter. 

~Kenya Kush~