Review: Simple Jack by Ra Cannabis


I usually gravitate toward indicas over sativas because the mental buzz from the sativa sometimes exaggerates my anxiety rather than calm it. Since I already tend to have a lot of mental chatter, it is sometimes hard for me to tell if I'm high or not off sativas since the effects are similar to those I naturally have. If I'm going through a rough patch or am simply contemplating an usual/uncomfortable circumstance or emotion, I especially prefer the indica chill over the hyper-active sativa. However, this Simple Jack by Ra Cannabis was a sativa that I enjoyed despite being in the the throws of a bout of self-inquistion. 


Nothing in nature can grow all the time and like nature, though we can see spring on the horizon, it still dips into frigid temperatures which can be frustrating when we feel we're already ready to bare skin. Similarly, though I always try my best, I'm always in a cycle of discovering new weaknesses in myself including ways the ego clings to itself, old patterns I easily fall into, replaying moments from the past etc.  Usually these thoughts send me deep into myself where I physically and emotionally retreat from the world to sit alone in the dark with my thoughts. However, being a bo$$ bitch with commitments and responsibilities, I don't always have the luxury or time to stay alone. In the midst of this latest reflective period, I made a social excursion with my girls and prayed for the  best.


We smoked this Simple Jack in a slow-burning blunt on the way to the funhouse location and the high from the mid-potency sativa was perfect for keeping me alert and social while keeping my inner thoughts and occasional doubts at bay. There's no weed that can cure your problems or even make you forget about them completely. The goal of using marijuana to heal is not to mask pain, but rather give you an internal environment of peace, love, and understanding while you figure your shit out or simply feel your way to brighter days. The Simple Jack definitely created a mental environment similar to walking through a greenhouse or Japanese tea garden.

These sticky, earthy nugs released a gentle aroma when cracked in half and it crumbled easily without a grinder. Though the THC was testing around 15% on this particular batch, it was the perfect high for a social occasion. I was able to be present enough not to dwell in the passing thoughts in my mind, but when I would turn attention to the thoughts, I was able to see my faults or weaknesses in plain light---I could at once acknowledge that in many ways I was fucking up (denial is an ego trap) but also see that these weren't things that would be solved through beating myself up, but were potential areas for growth. 


The Egyptian imagery of the brand reminds us that cannabis has ancient ties. King Tut was buried in his tomb with cannabis, and as one of the most well-known and revered meccas of knowledge and black excellence, Ancient Egypt connects us to those same seeds of excellence within ourselves. The gentle high from Simple Jack and the powers of Horus, Osiris, Isis, Hathor and others, reminds me that being human means going through cycles and uncomfortable periods, but that I've always had all the answers inside me, even if I have to wait til spring for them to be revealed. 

~Kenya Ku$h