Mystic Marijuana: New Moon in Taurus



At times we feel unimportant, like a speck against a dark night sky, but our many labyrinths of traveling mythically bring value to humans and planets alike. Deliberately pacing up and down, in search of the past, present, and future myths to evoke an emergence of versatility. Legendary stories of times past allow us to open up to the hidden capacities we had forgotten we had. Ideas of the future, are often expressed as physical distance, like wishing upon a star and when we put our faith into curious landscapes, we’re seeking what we hope to be true. Infusing the past and future in this way, through extraordinary phenomenons such as mythical stories, adds new dimension.


Our ability to leave the world of ordinary reality and enter the inner, visionary realms where there are no rules, directs us to where we keep our focus. it can be easier to follow folklore, greek epics, or myths, since they lay claim to truth, not because life is like a quest, but because it is a quest! The rise of our own power (similar to those of heroes/villains), is any distinctive mark we choose to inhabit, that awaits to be summoned during each new age. Maybe, we cant stand being a pawn of fate, to wait for an evolutionary event to replay an exact folklore we believe we represent in modern life—Instead, the hero ripping out of us, craves to express this potential to declare our personal journey, our own myth, to vent the new beginnings of our saga, the beginning of our new moon in Taurus. In this story of new moon in Taurus, we navigate a succession of trails. We face hurdles with little preparation and yet somehow find the resources to survive. 

As a human beings we struggle with limitations, but as mythical beings we can overcome those limitations. Since Taurus is about connecting to the physical world, our connection to our resources such as money, talents, and our planet earth keeps us grounded— then our own heroic journey, possibly relating to archetypal stories, gives us the opportunity to stay open to other dimensions. Orchestrating physical awareness is a call to adventure! We may not know or understand our call to adventure to do brilliant things for our world due to the pushiness of everyday stress or we are too attached or separated from our (psychical) resources. This new moon's energy awakens us to create a healthy attitude, discovering the hero that speaks to us to honor ourselves and our physical resources (money, talent, and our planet). That might be how co-creating with the universe looks like. 


Could you remain curious and open to themes of tragedy and resurrection, power and prestige, conquer and destroy all that is normalized in novels and throbs behind your heart too? They’re also rites of passages in our collective unconscious. God of Mercy, in many eastern cultures, her title signifies “she who always observes, or pays attention to sounds,” meaning, she hears all prayers. Sometimes I take that stage of God of Mercy, possessing compassion, kindness and love, and move with the frequency of her story, entering a larger story of my own, into the physical world. Like God of Mercy, I too, feel I cannot rest until all beings are freed from the cycle of rebirth. I relate to her story, to my own heroic journey, that god of mercy struggled to help so many in need, her head split in pieces. The other gods heard her screams of agony, so they fixed her with 11 heads so that she can continue to hear and reach out everyones prayers. The explosion of her head can appear in many guises of our physical lives, it can take the form of depression, introversion, or a strong need to get away from it all. A hero is always releasing something in order to be transformed into a brighter form. 


Humans are the soul to all matter, which is evident to this season of decadent rainbows many of us have encountered. We can embrace the beauty of nature with our planetary-like minds. Exploring the magic, like Dorothy, in wizard of Oz, imaging the same scene, to ripen a new reality to take place, a sign from the divine. What have you searched for or come across to leave a wasteland and find a better condition? What was a potent emotional moment? It could be anything as simple as your head lifted towards the sky, or did you grow wings like Icarus and get too near to the sun? Dare to fly, call to adventure, as a hero in your own myth.. it can enhance and implore inspiration beyond our local lives. I believe this is how we can appreciate our physical resources. 

What references outside of fantasy, have you encountered in your life that you have tried to fathom? A popular depiction of the snake represent both danger and hope, but the Basilisk is exclusively associated with negativity, evil, or danger, and kill just for the joy of it. Maybe in your heroic adventure, you act like Harry Potter, fighting off terrifying serpent hybrids. Figuratively, an assumption of lethal manners like spending money or experiencing abuse, could be the bites displayed to demonstrate a close resemblance. Can you justify this over exaggerated myth with your own character? Sweeping mythical generalizations can be productive in grasping our physical connection to our resources. 

Download any beloved forms of heroes, rings of power, all-encompassing gods/goddess, unfriendly monsters to correspond to physical places in your life, and undergo a metamorphosis of the mundane self to emerge as a new being. A heroic being!