Mystic Marijuana: Full Moon in Libra


Earth in itself is peace,
Heaven in itself is purity.
I think we take on the hardships of Heaven and Earth. 
We, as in those who position their feet at the place where seven generations once stood-- are
Ourselves, art. 
We tell our stories, a language we must learn, to seek and understand our self. 

Why can’t we hide our pain?
Our art is never to be forgotten. 
Not even Heaven nor Earth can mind its own business

To be peace and purity
because we are its investors,
We reap the capital gain.  

To sacrifice a lil bit of our freedom — to sell peace and purity within our he(art)s.
To keep our magic an inherent mystery ~ just like Heaven and Earth. 

We express our emotions, to find (soul)utions, and although Earth makes the ground shake under the feet of our captors, we cannot be held captive — though our art is treated as a crime.

Don’t allow them to make you feel like a prisoner in your own body — 
our body where we retreat ~ Heaven and Earth. 

 We undertake an inner voyage — an underwater escape, to hold our breath for several minutes — so when we come up for air they know whose air they are breathing — Heaven and Earth. 

It's not such a psychic surprise that we foresee reality that bodes a grim future.
That shadow cannot be stomped on. 
Just shed more light 

Our unfinished business is to create the world how we imagine it. 
Our Mother earth gave birth to our pure imagination—
We are her sole creators

 There's no obstacle to a spirit intact by imagination —

who can invent an ambiguous air of confidence or underwater escapes. 
Our art,
Our being, 
Ambush’s rationality


Our unforced participation in nature's rhythm has more control,
Our emotions take control.
That shadow of ignorance cannot put up a fight.

It is written in the stars,
Heaven wrote our certificate .
Earth is our pair of eyes,
waits and watches our light.

We continue to grow defenseless
Because our life is our career, 
The vibration we feel in our belly and hearts when we breath...that is our work. 

Our life is beautiful,
Our life is art.
We must continue to grow and align our stories with our hard work—
Creative stories about how you work hard to please yourself— saves our peace and purity.

Heaven and Earth.