Mystic Marijuana: New Moon in Aries


The transition from winter to spring can be a turbulent re-entry--- breezes and cold fronts that gust through us cover the skin with shivering fear, full of unbearable sensitivity. These winds stir change and renewal, pushing us to move and warm up, like a dancer who reconciles to the rhythm. To navigate this wind, lead with as many weightless contemplations as possible. "Nothing but the wind can pass the sun without casting shadow.” Our new moon in Aries, full of ample, activating energy, aims to grow your understanding of a resurrected self and how you see yourself in relation to others. 

It is important to remember that we are always developing, unfolding, becoming, and growing. During this transition, the inertia of our fiery sign, Aries, starts to converge a sum of power, an urge to dramatically renovate ourselves. Our definition of renovation can be misconstrued, we do not exactly have to change anything about ourselves, other than acknowledging that the only change that is certain is that there will be change. A low hush of cool currents pull us towards new beginnings, our bones tilt to the sound, but it's best to move with gentle force, so that our seeded intentions within also perform with grace. When you reach full bloom come summer you will find yourself stronger, clearer, and more refined. Just as an individual flower rises, it does not change the color of its petals, it simply matures and shares its sap of life or metaphorically irritates others with its bountiful pollen.  

The most valuable lesson during each passing moment of “resurrection" is being patient, that is how you can choose to live well. Just how spring brings cherry blossom trees as a hallmark of its beauty, it sports it fast but then dies immediately, still in its glory. If you’re experiencing a million of rewarding things, do not absorb its madness, it could allow the ego to steal the spotlight.  To avoid this, entertain the thoughts with peace--- try envisioning a feast of fruit, shared amongst your trusted homies and loved ones (or IRL gift your baes apricots, mandarins, cantaloupe, and/or any berries). Invite altruism, because it is the brilliance of new beginnings, that our fiery Aries, will place the sunrise at your feet, where the sky and ground will meet. Where you place your attention sets the stage for action and if we welcome the new moon as our guest, rather than our spotlight, we organically find a place of prominence.