Mystic Marijuana: New Moon in Gemini



How our emotions influence our thoughts is our own medicine and one’s journey to heal contains a sacrifice. Your sacrificial offering gives way to your soul’s initiation for a new life, entering a new moon in Gemini.

During this new moon we may be still stuck in trying transitions. Experiencing this we can act infantile and demand spewing thoughts like, “I need to focus on my path because others around me are getting what they want.” As magical beings, there’s always more work to do on top of our destined crafts. Any witch that only cooks for themselves eats nothing but sin. We are multi-faceted because of the amount of healing we are meant to do, see, and touch beyond self. 

Most of all, healers must be contacted during changes (certain breaks that occur in other timelines) to reestablish balance. Be aware that we live in many timelines, and uncomfortable changes may signify another timeline rendering emotions that lead to spiritual disorder. No need to rest for we cannot ignore any ailments, physical or social, that happen throughout a new moon.

Spiritual disorder can show up in the form of humans harming themselves and each other and/or violating social or universal laws. Our very high levels of psychic sensitivity make us lightening rods, drawing the disharmony from this plane or other timelines to ourselves and grounding it. 

The journey as divine empress/divine king/your version of higher self will only continue because we constantly endure the earth’s suffering since we are the earth’s children. When we convulse in a state of pain from a modern world — which rings plenty alarms of monstrous patriarchal abuse, with echoes of classism, elitism, depredation of the planet, and more. It becomes difficult to find a reason to free up our medicine (transmuted emotions) or even stay to protect this planet.  I see many who have given their power up over to something like technology because they’re looking for some type of reward. With that, you can then only argue what you wished for/deserve. 

Realizing you make a sacrifice by not being your own worst enemy (greedy, uncaring, etc) is going to present a different kind of reward. You can stay following your own path, but if the water you cross is tumultuous, don’t just keep going, also help pull others out of it too. Even when there are enemies outside of ourselves, betrayal is acted out by you first. Old souls are proverbs that come to this prison planet to help our people. If you’re an old soul, we wonder why we return here and plead to try another realm. The thing is we are in other realms, we inhabit the bodies of other deities, gods/goddesses from other timelines.

Dimensions will always collapse. When you fixate on thinking about not receiving what you want in this dimension, your messing it up in the other dimensions too— delaying the harmony. You gotta play your role in this dimension first.