Mystic Marijuana: Full Moon in Capricorn


picture: @twodrsdwn graphics: @seamlesslysupernatural

During these next few weeks a ruling energy holds us tight and doesn’t let us get up until we ground down our emotions and root our goals so we can stand in a sophisticated position. Perhaps you have already arrived at a situation where you have been challenged to take a serious, reserved, or mature attitude. It’s not as easy as it sounds—growing up and killing a part of you in order to act in a new way. Dealing with moving into well-versed beings, communicating our emotions, and testing our skills in a professional setting is a presentation that mirrors our bloom in an exceptional field of endeavors. We evolve to this ambitious plane, a place of being on some big boy shit, your highest self, to actually achieve goals and make difficult and important decisions. If we try to aim high we have to walk the entire surface of discipline, no useless reactions. 

Pessimism could get in the way, under this strawberry full moon in Capricorn. Feeling extra overwhelmed at the magnitude of taking on or doing something as your grown self. If you do feel like you lack an agenda or have been bitten by a bigger dog, the moon is trying to help you move in the other direction. To put that to a close, and usher in a new idea, project, or behavior. Our sun facing the moon always highlights our opposing forces: what I should be doing vs what I am actually doing. This is a serious time, we may feel stuck or may have had an intuition thats trying to tell us how to begin but we still can't clearly see which direction to go. Full moons speak to previous new moons. Have you reflected on what just happened? On any manifestations in actions? Clouds with no silver lining? Excessive worrying getting in the way of believing that you have endless potential of success? If you have been tackling these questions, in the next few weeks, achievements begin to pay off. 

Full moons mean something needs to be ended, acknowledged, or adjusted, and Capricorn's energy directs us to complete something we've worked really hard on. Task master, UK artist, Skepta always comes through executing everyone with his style and unstoppable hustle. I've added an essential Skepta playlist below to remind us that our ancestral baggage can be transmuted because our ability to conquer challenges is limitless. 


1. Sunglasses At Night

2. Check It Out

3. Sit Down

4. Pure Water

5. Ladies Hit Squad

6. No Security

7. Lean 4 Real 

8. Praise The Lord (Da Shine)