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Trillectro & the Get Down

Today Women Weed & WiFi hit Trillectro

Absolute must sees Kid Cudi, Rae Sremmurd, who I might add has the honor of having Miss ABRA perform before them. Lil Uzi Vert is on as well, who I've seen in Seattle, and let me tell you, the show...was LIT!

This line up is no mistake and we are so happy to be in the mix!

And to make the day even sweeter, we have the absolute plug with DC Taste Buds, the ONLY black owned and operated edible company in DC, providing their delicious medible treats and setting us up for success with exclusive drinks from local distilleries.


New Music: Zelli Releases EP "Solid"

Zelli just released some bomb music on her boss lady shit and you're seeing it here first. After two years of not releasing any new music, Zelli has finally put together a small project of what she has been experimenting during the last couple of months. "Solid" was created to show people that even through the ups and downs of the music industry, she has proven herself to not let it break her down. We hella appreciate the in your face-ness of the lyrics and the twerking beats ;) Stream and download "Solid" on SoundCloud.

Musical Musings: Girlz With Gunz

New music is out by Chimurenga Renaissance and it gets a WWW stamp of approval. The group, featuring Tendai Maraire of Shabazz Palaces and Hussein Kalonji, just released their latest project, Girlz With Gunz, in the form of a visual album. The album is all about strong women and the men that love them, and the video is no different featuring various women holding heavy artillery while wearing traditional garments.

Each song on the visual album features a different woman with her gun(z) spinning as the African-influenced beats and tight verses play behind her. If you look closely, you’ll notice a few familiar WWW faces as well ;)

The idea of women being the predominant defenders and aggressors with gunz is dope to us, because depending on the depth of your historical knowledge and how far your third eye can project, this echoes the order of things past and future, but not quite the present.

What are your thoughts on the album/ the visuals? Burn one and watch the full visual album below. Check out more Chimurenga Renaissance here.

Musical Musings: Celebration of Feminist Artists

J-NASTY has a new mixtape out and it’s fire! Check it out at the link below and peruse through her other mixes and favorite tunes. Let these eclectic sounds set the tone for new adventures this weekend (and every day — not all hu$tla babes have weekends off!). J-NASTY created this mix for an event in Seattle highlighting two artists, YA$$A & MAHROO. Both full fledged, confident women as spiritual guardians as healers as visionaries, they aim to addresses the lack of visibility for female artists. This monthly mix is dedicated to Nomadic Veilia art show & the powerful charismatic-vivacious females around the world.