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Meet The Women: Sunflower Cyn

Hey! Meet our newest contributor/ girl gang member, Sunflower Cyn! Based in Baton Rouge, LA we are super excited to have this beauty on the team. Get to know her below, and stay tuned for some bomb things in the future! 


It was the summer after my freshman year in college and my boyfriend and I had just broken up. I was chilling on the couch while my two guy friends each rolled a blunt. We were on our way to the movies when one asked if I wanted to hit the blunt for the first time.


For whatever reason, I felt comfortable enough to give it a try. It was Green Crack. After only a few hits I was straight trippin. Like actually thought my tongue was sweating,  trippin. *Insert face palm*

It’s safe to say, my feelings and appreciation for Mary Jane have changed!

After dancing with Mary Jane for the last few years, we’ve made lots of memories together. From head banging to heavy bass at music festivals, to hiking mountains before sunrise, there’s nothing better than seeing the world with a joint in hand.


In addition to puffing on some of my favorite strains like Girl Scout Cookies and Grand Daddy Purple, I enjoy writing, photography, yoga, music, art, and traveling. My favorite times to smoke are often while listening to music. In addition to listening to Soulection mixes, artists like Sango, Esta. and Abra are my Soundcloud go-tos.

On Women.Weed.WiFi I hope to share magical images of bud, fun feature stories, and connect with other dope fearless, go-getting women.