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Mystic Marijuana: Full Moon in Virgo

10:19pm Saturday 11 March 2017

Although I cannot provide an elaborate chart or taxonomy of supernatural beings, all women possess a certain level of competency tied with the sacred-- the divine feminine. The orders of being we occupy range from goddess to high priestess. Moon phases, the power of creation, and the power to heal is within us all. Full Moon in Virgo wishes to be resurrected from our wombs. 

This brings me to the matter of the relations of ritual magic to women lives and especially to the women tradition. Magic, as the word itself implies, is primarily a womanly enterprise. Its closet kin are the domestic arts, and its chosen implements and procedures most closely resemble those developed by women to facilitate their tasks. It should surprise no one that the modern age, from its beginnings in the Renaissance to the present, has become more and more intensely patriarchal over the world, and this more thoroughly separated from womanhood, from ritual magic, from tribal social systems, and from harmony with the earth. The four have always danced together: woman, magic, tribes, and earth, and the dance goes on, even still.  Indeed, the dance grows strong again. 

To reclaim who we are, not looking to conform, our Full Moon in Virgo releases the things that disallow our true divine femanine to radiate through us. Full awareness of my own realizations to divine feminine energies influenced my path- living from the heart and integrity, which is coming into alignment with my strongest suits as goddess for whatever transitions the universe endlessly uncoils. So far, we are healing ourselves and each other (SEE FIGURE 1B SMOKE+ STRETCH SESSION) to assist our ascension process.

Practice the divine feminine and much is revealed. It can be dealing with multiple aspects or energies that represent a channel or conduit to crossing over to the mystery that brings you closer to the supernatural realm. Energies include: restoration, renewal, creativity, birth, receptivity, openess, nurturing, love, understanding, communication, insights, intuition, wisdom, forgiveness, and senusality. Seeing the world through Full Moon in Virgo (self-study and self-love) equals infinite possibilities in the third dimension. Come into contact with any of the divine feminine energies and welcome them to flow through you so that they are expressed in this physical dimension, so we no longer have to fight for who we really are- and each of us decode a unique separate template to harness a cosmic force we call upon our own.  

UPDATE: 4:57pm Sunday 12 March 2017

I myself have plummeted through the mundane with spontaneity,  which have opened the doors to the sacred. The dark void is empty but I have learned that it is ultimately your choice to fall through effortlessly. Sometimes when I fall, I no longer remember where I’ve come from, or why I had jumped,  or that I had once long ago climbed.

My closure with eclipse season was not about attaining the answers because all I knew was falling. Falling filled up my mind and it filled all the space around me until it became all that existed in creation. I forget about coming and going and no longer remembered time or circumstance. 

It is when you forget what it was to begin, what it was to end- to set yourself free. Distancing yourself from mental regimes. We can learn to be ourselves by creating our own life of expression, to shed damaging ideas that were passed on to us. The divine feminine is fluid and nothing is set: who we choose to be fully is embodying the divine feminine. Spirituality doesn't mean transcending your way out but rather learning to deal with it directly. 

Slow your endless fall, there is a task you need to complete, that is part of playing your own great order of the universe. Falling was only a portion of your task. No longer will I mop in self-pity. Look at the clear direct feedback you are receiving: that is the beauty of life (SEE FIGURE 2A ON THE AIR AT KUPS 90.1FM). You can enjoy the beauty of life, but your own power rests in never having any doubt of what the purpose of your life is (Divine Feminine). 

Continue to have whole-hearted commitment (SEE FIGURE 2B J-Nasty playlist) to your vows of the life you fully chose to live. Realizing your whole life is a blessing. Blessings will never be broken therefore your commitment to yourself should never be broken either. 






Mystic Marijuana: Planetary Powers

Since the beginning of time ancient peoples looked at the planets as gods. Appearance and behavior mirrored the divine image ascribed to them. These planetary gods played out mythical dramas that reflected human emotions and experiences.

Astrologers have believed for thousands of years that the planets' movements described the behavior of each god.

That the position of each planet at the time of ones birth and during major life moments are more than symbolic; they occur in a synchrony with the forces that shape life in ways that can be positive if understood or dire if not anticipated correctly.

When thinking of major bodies in our Solar System, we think of 8 planets plus the Sun and Moon. In the next ten weeks I will take you through each, starting with my personal planet Venus, and we'll explore their character, special qualities, and general astrological significance.

And no, I will not be taking into account that Pluto is now considered a dwarf and that there is a new sign added to the wheel......sorry!

Fun, yes?!





What could only be a coincidence of the dangerously alluring goddess, the conditions of the planet Venus are fatal to any earthly human that would enter this planet's atmosphere. The carbon dioxide and solar radiation that drives the temperature up to 460 degrees Celsius, and, oh yeah, the heat gases, 200 mph winds, and the sulfuric acid clouds. These combine to give Venus the right to brag as being the 3rd brightest star in our heavens. (SHEESH!)

Venus is known as the Morning Star and Evening Star--this might be because these are the times we as humans prefer for lovemaking. Which makes sense since this planet has always been seen as the goddess of love.

Venus was born from the sea, full grown and absolutely beautiful. She married a blacksmith god by the name of Vulcan but birthed 3 children by the god of war Mars. When Vulcan learned of his wives affair, he created a net from bronze and set trap to their bed. He then told Venus he was leaving on vacation, only to return a few hours later to find her and Mars tangled up.

It's said that he then called the gods Neptune, Mercury, and Apollo to see the two wrapped up and naked just to shame them (Hmm).

Vulcan, still in love with Venus, kept her for his own. Though she still came to bare Mercury's child among other gods and mortals.

She was the embodiment of natural sexuality, not shameful of her actions, promoted love and lovemaking. For this was the way to gain joy and true passion.

BUT like everything, she did have a downside. The energy she exuded caused people to sacrifice family and responsibilities. She was devious and demanding. She is sometimes called 'The Dark One' because the passions she inspired lead to tragedies.

Astrologically, Venus has always been associated with all things admirable and desired: love, beauty, and the love of beauty, appreciation of the arts, the feminine nature in women and men, harmony, peace and reconciliation, and the enjoyment of pleasure.

She is seen to influence us in all different types of relationships. Business, social ties, and sexual bonds.

If you are born under this one of a kind creature, you are thought to be gentle, warm sentimental, graceful, and artistic. Negatively, you pull tendencies to be indecisive (don't I know it!), vulnerable, excessively romantic, impractical attitude, envious, and prone to jealousy.

This planet rules two signs, Taurus and Libra (Yeee!). In the body, she controls our throat, kidneys, and physical beauty.

And to end this piece with a fun fact, ironically enough, a man born under Venus was thought to die at the hands of a woman.

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