Meet the Women: 777 Capsule Series by Neish

Hola! My name is Neish, and I’m a blogger, dj, visual artist, healer, cosmic servant, and yes, I do indulge in the herb…faithfully (lol).  


Only a few months ago (Oct. 2017) I finally moved from my hometown of Baltimore to Atlanta. My first goal after the big move was to create and release a few dj mixes. I began brainstorming concepts for them as well as for the cover art of the mixes. While doing so, I decided that I would create visuals for each mix instead of a simple photo or drawing for the cover art. Immediately after that, I had figured out my concept.

As a student of chakra balancing and crystal healing, I couldn’t resist combining the teachings of our chakras to music that would correspond. And so began 777 Capsule: seven visuals and seven mixes based on the seven main chakras! This became my opportunity to express myself through visual art, music, and personal experience, all while educating others on a different and new ways of connecting with and healing themselves.


And so it began…I allowed myself to be completely vulnerable in the creation process. I allowed a side of myself that is usually private to be displayed for the education and healing of others. And every time I thought I was completely connected with myself, or couldn’t be any more honest with myself, or couldn’t go any deeper within myself…there I was, going 100 ft deeper…and deeper…and deeper. The visuals consumed me. I placed the mixes on the back burner and allowed the visuals, their teachings, and the conversations surrounding them to take on a life of their own.

Short intro of the seven main chakras:

Our seven main chakras regulate the flow of energy throughout our bodies. These energy cycles align our spine, beginning at the base/root of our spine, and flows through the top of our crown. Your emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies all connect here. Blocked and/or imbalanced chakras cease the natural flow of energy and can initiate mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual ailments. The first three chakras, ROOT, SACRAL, & SOLAR PLEXUS, focus on energies of matter, which are more physical in nature. The last four main chakras, HEART, THROAT, THIRD EYE, and CROWN, are more spiritual in nature.

o   ROOT – Safety, security, survival, basic needs, health, identity, ancestral connection — Red

o   SACRAL – Sexuality, creativity, emotions/feelings — Orange

o   SOLAR PLEXUS – Willpower, self-discipline, confidence/assurance, independence, (ego) — Yellow

o   HEART – Self-love, love for others,  compassion, empathy, forgiveness, acceptance, awareness — Green

o   THROAT – Expression, communication (verbal, nonverbal), truth, timing — Blue

o   THIRD EYE – Vision, intuition, perception, insight, psychic abilities, wisdom, inspiration— Indigio

o   CROWN – Consciousness, sacredness, connection to the infinite, liberation, ecstasy, bliss, presence — Violet

Balancing your chakras is not a form of religion or disbelief, only a way to connect and heal yourself.


Stay tuned for the first three visuals and chakra teachings!

~ Neish ~