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777 Capsule: The ROOT
neish root.JPG

This is ROOT.

Your ROOT Chakra is located at the base of your spine. It is also known as the BASE Chakra. Its color is red. It is your unwavering foundation from which you grow. Fear, survival, stability, health, wealth, physical identity, and self-esteem all feed your ROOT Chakra.

I chose to make this visual for the ROOT Chakra in my room because it is my place of peaceful solitude. It is my place of peace—to create, to reflect, to respect, to just breathe, and most importantly, to be completely free. And just like my ROOT Chakra’s purpose, my room/home is my foundation which I build upon. 

~ Neish ~

Music by Jhene Aiko ft. Dr. Chill "Oblivion"

Meet the Women: 777 Capsule Series by Neish

Hola! My name is Neish, and I’m a blogger, dj, visual artist, healer, cosmic servant, and yes, I do indulge in the herb…faithfully (lol).  


Only a few months ago (Oct. 2017) I finally moved from my hometown of Baltimore to Atlanta. My first goal after the big move was to create and release a few dj mixes. I began brainstorming concepts for them as well as for the cover art of the mixes. While doing so, I decided that I would create visuals for each mix instead of a simple photo or drawing for the cover art. Immediately after that, I had figured out my concept.

As a student of chakra balancing and crystal healing, I couldn’t resist combining the teachings of our chakras to music that would correspond. And so began 777 Capsule: seven visuals and seven mixes based on the seven main chakras! This became my opportunity to express myself through visual art, music, and personal experience, all while educating others on a different and new ways of connecting with and healing themselves.


And so it began…I allowed myself to be completely vulnerable in the creation process. I allowed a side of myself that is usually private to be displayed for the education and healing of others. And every time I thought I was completely connected with myself, or couldn’t be any more honest with myself, or couldn’t go any deeper within myself…there I was, going 100 ft deeper…and deeper…and deeper. The visuals consumed me. I placed the mixes on the back burner and allowed the visuals, their teachings, and the conversations surrounding them to take on a life of their own.

Short intro of the seven main chakras:

Our seven main chakras regulate the flow of energy throughout our bodies. These energy cycles align our spine, beginning at the base/root of our spine, and flows through the top of our crown. Your emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies all connect here. Blocked and/or imbalanced chakras cease the natural flow of energy and can initiate mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual ailments. The first three chakras, ROOT, SACRAL, & SOLAR PLEXUS, focus on energies of matter, which are more physical in nature. The last four main chakras, HEART, THROAT, THIRD EYE, and CROWN, are more spiritual in nature.

o   ROOT – Safety, security, survival, basic needs, health, identity, ancestral connection — Red

o   SACRAL – Sexuality, creativity, emotions/feelings — Orange

o   SOLAR PLEXUS – Willpower, self-discipline, confidence/assurance, independence, (ego) — Yellow

o   HEART – Self-love, love for others,  compassion, empathy, forgiveness, acceptance, awareness — Green

o   THROAT – Expression, communication (verbal, nonverbal), truth, timing — Blue

o   THIRD EYE – Vision, intuition, perception, insight, psychic abilities, wisdom, inspiration— Indigio

o   CROWN – Consciousness, sacredness, connection to the infinite, liberation, ecstasy, bliss, presence — Violet

Balancing your chakras is not a form of religion or disbelief, only a way to connect and heal yourself.


Stay tuned for the first three visuals and chakra teachings!

~ Neish ~